mercredi 11 juillet 2007

After one month...

I wasn’t available for anything but my family and my job during one month!
We have had some “problems” with Nicolas’ health and mine isn’t very good aswell for the moment.
Nicolas suffers of 15% heart failure. He had ventricular fibrillation, high blood pressure and tachyarrhythmia up to 180 per minute and they had a lot of difficulties to have it coming down again; they also diagnosed a thyroid disease that could have helped this becoming. The doctors told him he has a heart that’s aged 50 and he’s only 21!!!

I’ll be glad to have 2 weeks at home from 20st of July.
I’ll use those days to go ahead with my hobbies and some WIP(ssss) ;o)

Nevertheless, I took some pictures during the period I was “absent” and now I’ll give you some news…

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Allison Ann Aller a dit…

Elizabeth, I am so glad you are well enough to post again...and your garden is beautiful!
I've sent you a little something for July's swap...but please don't feel obligated to return swap to me as I know it is alot of work for you, and I want you to save your energy!
Prayers go out to your son...
and much love,

I'll be offline until the 24th...will write to you again then!

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 a dit…

Hi Elizabeth,
I am very glad to hear your voice again. I hope you had a happy weekend with Mireille. If Nicholas is now under the control of a doctor, he will get better step by step. I hope so. Please take care of yourself, too. You are the great mother. Hideko

BöskeZ a dit…

Thanks Allie and Hideko!
I already have your goodies, so don’t worry ;o)
I’ll have them in the mail on Monday or Tuesday latest!

My two swap Sisters are so kind with me; you are both real friends to me.

Ati. Norway. a dit…

Dear Elisabeth, so nice to "see" you again on your blog.
I hope your son is doing well at the moment. Your garden is awesome, it looks like paradise :)
Hugs, Ati.