mercredi 11 juillet 2007

A corner in my garden!

A corner in my garden
I’m trying to organize my garden ;o)
Growing perennials and plants that doesn’t ask too much attention as my garden is quiet big!

Bamboo Pleioblastus Shibuyanus ' Tsuboi '

Here I putted some Pleioblastus Shibuyanus ' Tsuboi ' in the background.
(or Bamboo Pleioblastus variegatus 'Tsuboi')
A beautiful variegated specie, with small white-striped leaves.
It is very vigorous and has a running root system and likes to be in a lower light and doesn’t tolerate hot sun.
A Cornus Kousa "Mon Amie Francine" was blooming as ever!

Cornus KousaCornus Kousa

Cornus Kousa

I also planted Alchemilla Mollis and Asperula Odorata with Geraniums and Hemerocallis.
Alchemilla Mollis & Asperula Odorata
Bamboo Pleioblastus Shibuyanus ' Tsuboi '
You'll find more pictures on my flickr account ;o)

2 commentaires:

Susan a dit…

Your garden is beautiful! I love those big white flowers. The little green centers are the prettiest thing. I hope it brings you much joy, and helps to calm your stress.

BöskeZ a dit…

Hi Susan,
Thanks; yes our garden is a great "heaven on earth" and a peaceful place for us.