dimanche 15 juillet 2007

New baby to nurse…

My sister in law gave me a new baby!

My new home?

She came with this small little one yesterday afternoon; I couldn’t resist!
Just look at this little girl; isn’t she lovely?

I'm tired after my trip!

She is so adorable and sweet and tiny!

Is she my new Mum?

Now I’m looking for a name… If you have some nice ideas; please share.

Baby kitten

Muchu is somewhat jealous!

"Who's that stranger?"

12 commentaires:

Shantti a dit…

I feel she is "Tipi" ;-)
congrats for this adoption!

Dy a dit…

Awwww, isn't she gorgeous! And so is your other cat. I have no suggestion re a name other than to suggest that maybe it should somehow relate to colour as that it something important to you.

Terry a dit…

She is just so pretty and a real cutie.I hope that you find just the right name for her, I am sure it will come to you in a flash after a few days when you get to see what so of little character she is.

Ati. Norway. a dit…

Oh, what a cute cat! I am sure she has found a good home!

Susan a dit…

What an adorable face she has! I love kittens. So much easier to train than dogs! LOL! What training is possible, at least.

laplandyellow a dit…

what a sweetie! ,,minoes" is that a really name?

BöskeZ a dit…

She is a real sweetie!
And her name is Canelle...
or Cinamon in English!

Mireille a dit…

Oh i like her very much. I can not wait till sunday for touching her.

Beth a dit…

Ohhhh! loved your blog! And I loved cats! She looks alike my Nina! You can see her in my blog!
Kisses from Brasil!

Angela a dit…

She is adorable! She looks like a kitten we adopted once - although he was was many shades of gray instead of black & orange. His name was Mr. Mistoffelees.
I love Canelle - beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! :)

I found your blog through flickr and am thoroughly enjoying it! We have many interests in common!

BöskeZ a dit…

Thank you Angela^^
Hope we'll meet often on the web ;o)

Little-Duck a dit…

Look at her little tiny self. I like the light mark right down the middle of her nose. Too, too sweet.