samedi 6 mai 2017

Gifts and eye candi

A friend of mine was in Kuala Lumpur for business purposes.
My husband asked her to bring him back one batik for me.

I received 3 from my hubby and one from my friend. What a great surprise !!!
They are stunning.
The first one I received is in traditionel cotton batik. All the others are in cotton satin.
Gorgous !!!

now some pictures for the eye candy ;)

here are they !

I think I'll make a pallazo pant out of this one.
So pop ! Would'nt it be nice.
What do you think ?
So soft and falling nicely.

A skirt ? with a draping ? I'll see 💝

this one is from Valérie. I'll make a blouse out of it. 
Already habe biais and the pattern, hoho ! next project !

The traditional one, I'll make a simple dress from it, But I'lll try to place the different patterns to create a graphic effect

We also received spices ...

I'm so grateful!!!
Thank you thierry !So many thanks Valérie. I love you 💕

Sorry for the pictures, it was really windy when I took them.

Evinrude and end ^-^

So, here is Evinrude 💖

lundi 1 mai 2017

where is Evinrude ? A clew ???

Just look in the center of the top in the lower part !!!

creating a new pattern from an existing to small dress

whaaaouw !
A real challeng !
Creating a new pattern from an existing dress... Yes, it was 2 or 3 sizes smaller that what I am !
First, taking pictures to know how it was constructed.

Twice, drawing on paper, and optimizing the pattern to a possible size !

Third, Böbe came in the game to drape it on her body 😉

Redrawing it after trials...
Retracing on paper with new mesearuments...
Oh my GOD !!!

Trials after trials ... Böbe is not safe enough ! I have to put it on and try.
Trying after tryings ...
A dress is taking form.
No pictures taken :'(
So sad, never mind.

dimanche 23 avril 2017

Evinrude's dream ...

or : how to mask stains ;)

From the previous post you can recognize the top made of my dad's shirt.

As I discovered the rust stains on it, I decided to embroider it adding beads to my sitichings.

I first placed the biggest beads on the bigger stains.
After, I figured out how to connect them :)
There begun the crazy work ! haha

One motif after the other, I couldn't stop - laugh !

I love the result.

The beads being in front of me I decided to go ahead with some accessories...
First a "Crazy Necklace" to go with my crazy Evindrude.

Then a bracelet (my first attempt to macrame) and to finish why not some earings ?

Have you seeh where Evinrude is resting after his hard work ?

Answer in next post :)


lundi 17 avril 2017

Back with new and old - or upcycling

Why back ?

Some explanation needed I think!

My Sister moved to Hungary and we can’t meet, show and tell each other frequently enough!
As she asked me to share my pictures and news from my doings here in Belgium I decided that I can share them with others at the same time.

Since spring has sprung and the sun came back (shyly I must say) we are doing a lot of gardening, trying to be prepared to have a nice time on the terrace after all the work.
I’ll share that in a future post.

Just some of my husband's pictures as appetizer ...

After trying to declutter my wardrobe and making a selection of my ownings I realized I want to keep some of my shirts and dresses 😉 … but… in a new style.

As indicated in the title I made a lot of upcycling these last weeks.

No miracles but cutting and sewing those little things.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of some before(s), so sad :’(

Old dress refashion

This old dress was too “hard”, the collar and writs were so white contrasting too much with the dress. (Thank you Brigitte ;)
The “waist” was on my hips and not flattering at all.
I made my decision: cutting the white parts off (as well as the sleeves) transforming the dress in two pieces, a top and a skirt, added some biais for the hems and voilà !

Outdated shirt.

This was one of my mother’s silk shirts in off-white with a tie scarf collar.
Cutting the sleeves into cap sleeves, the tie into a sort of mandarin collar and changing the buttons with mother of pearl ones, and it was done.

Too large men’s shirt my father gave me a few days before he passed.

For this one I had to completely unsew the shirt and resew a new one.
In the meantime I had the idea to make a summer top of it; the denim was so soft…
Here are the pictures:
OMG, there are rust stains on it!!! OK, no problem you will see later what I had in my mind.
But I had a great time becoming totally crazy, in the good way I learned in CQ ;) the results will be shown in another post, if not this one will become as huge as a novel.

Last news!

Böbe is born
Böbe is my model, we had a lot of fun making it, isn’t it Georgette ?
After taping ourselves I customized mine with a t-shirt, so I can pin my garments on it.

See you soon for other news 😍💏