mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Coming back with some new and old projects.

After a few months silence I come back to the creative world J

Embroidering, painting, creating … Hourra !
A friend of mine (and colleague) gave me the impulse to come back to embroidery ^-^ thank you Agnès !
She came with a beautiful embroidered “biscornu” and it was enough ;o)
Embroidering first a small project I decided to draw myself my pattern for ….
a biscornu, of course
Having no soft (or free)ware for cross stitch I “hijacked” Excel from his usual application.
Some screenshots here :

And now, I just have to start embroidering!!!
I also came back to my “young monks praying” but am not really satisfied; so you will have to wait to see some pictures ;o)
My needle and thread are ready to go, so see you soon!