samedi 9 juin 2007

Thursday afternoon with Elvire…

She doesn't want to play with me, grin...

She loves to play and make jokes… just like a kid! Water is also a great play...

What, are you kidding???

She also tries to speak and pronounce sounds that are very similar to those made by a parrot; very strange!
Yuhu, here I am!

She always wants to have your attention and if you don’t pay her enough she comes and prick you with her beak or try to eat your fingers. That’s what she is doing with my husband’s fingers…
Would you pay me attention, please?

jeudi 7 juin 2007

News from baby crow!

Beware of the cat!!!
Beware of the cat!!!

She (Elvire; we decided she is female ;o) grows fast and nicely; eating a lot and very curious! She explores here new “human world”.
I'm growing fast!

I'm growing fast! Isn't this supposed to be an egg?

Tinkerbelle came and gave her some fairy dust…
And Sunday we were very anguished because she flew in the garden on the branches of a huge tree and never wanted to come down. Finally when she was too hungry she came back; ouf!
What's this strange think? Explore

These pictures are already “old” but I had problems with my computer and didn’t find the time to upload new ones.
It's supposed to be a mouse...

Yesterday she learned to drink alone; yes!!! One more step and she will eat alone too.

vendredi 1 juin 2007

I forgot to upload the third fairy!

Here it is!
I had time to finish it while others were working in our friends’ garden.

I’m very frustrated to sit and just look others working. I love gardening but my fibromyalgia doesn’t like it at all!
If I try and work too much I’m bad for a few days; so I just play a little here and there with my flowers.
Before I was working in my garden more than Thierry; I was pruning the grape vine, the roses, everything that needed to; I cut the hedges and was the one who worked in the kitchen garden and the flowers’ beds; …

Never mind this way I have more time to embroider, draw or make some gifts for friends...

Little "Alana" is born; I have to hurry to finish the last fairy and make her quilt!

I couldn’t resist capturing these flowers while others were working hard….

A strange Petunia, all crumbled like a small cabbage; especially the buds!

A wonderful clematis that is bigger than my two hands together.

In the "first" pond you can look at these beautiful waterlily blooming in the sun.



Here a small "bouquet" of those waterlily.

Giant alliums in company of Alchemilla Mollis and lavender; creating a small landscape.

Vibrant colors for this columbine or Aquilegia.

And probably my favorite...
This lovely magnolia on a bed of geraniums.

A very busy Sunday... making a pond.

We went to help our friends (Fred and Valérie) to finish a new pond.
I must say that Thierry help them and I was just looking and taking pictures when I wasn't busy to stitch ;o)

Here are some pictures of their realizations.

Valérie explaining to her son (Tristan) how to put the earth and grass back around the pond.

My Nephew István was also there to give a hand.

The two boys were laughing and joking while they worked.

Coline (Valérie’s and Fred’s daughter) wasn’t very happy to have no-one playing with her or giving here some attention!

Here a picture of my “working station” with a good cup of coffee ;o)
And here is the pond nearly finished!