vendredi 1 juin 2007

A very busy Sunday... making a pond.

We went to help our friends (Fred and Valérie) to finish a new pond.
I must say that Thierry help them and I was just looking and taking pictures when I wasn't busy to stitch ;o)

Here are some pictures of their realizations.

Valérie explaining to her son (Tristan) how to put the earth and grass back around the pond.

My Nephew István was also there to give a hand.

The two boys were laughing and joking while they worked.

Coline (Valérie’s and Fred’s daughter) wasn’t very happy to have no-one playing with her or giving here some attention!

Here a picture of my “working station” with a good cup of coffee ;o)
And here is the pond nearly finished!

2 commentaires:

Allison Ann Aller a dit…

A lovely day with wonderful friends...thanks for bringing us there with you!

Susan a dit…

What a beautiful garden, and how lovely to build the pond in it. I love those spiky purple flowers!