jeudi 7 juin 2007

News from baby crow!

Beware of the cat!!!
Beware of the cat!!!

She (Elvire; we decided she is female ;o) grows fast and nicely; eating a lot and very curious! She explores here new “human world”.
I'm growing fast!

I'm growing fast! Isn't this supposed to be an egg?

Tinkerbelle came and gave her some fairy dust…
And Sunday we were very anguished because she flew in the garden on the branches of a huge tree and never wanted to come down. Finally when she was too hungry she came back; ouf!
What's this strange think? Explore

These pictures are already “old” but I had problems with my computer and didn’t find the time to upload new ones.
It's supposed to be a mouse...

Yesterday she learned to drink alone; yes!!! One more step and she will eat alone too.

7 commentaires:

Conni a dit…

I am so enjoying watching her progress! She's beautiful!

Allison Ann Aller a dit…

She looks wonderful!

norththreads a dit…

Thanks so much for popping by & visiting, let me know when your box is done so i can come take a peek!

Susan a dit…

Love your pictures! What a chubby little thing she's becoming. It's amazing you've kept her alive and healthy. Cool!

Shantti a dit…

What a wonderful "not so little" one you've got here!
What a privilege:-))And she came back to home?formidable!
I know that the crows tame down very well. Congrats for this rescue:-)
Your garden is really wonderful!thank's for sharing photos.

Mistress of Longears a dit…

Looks like she's learining to Flickr, too! She's most interested in that mouse.

Mrs.Kwitty a dit…

What a joy to have a bird friend like her!! Thanks for sharing all your fun pictures.
Smiles, Karen