lundi 30 juillet 2007

2008 Diary

Here is my contribution for the "Diary 2008 Project":

Here is the drawing that I used... I made it as Birthday present for a friend of mine...

Hydrangea finally framed

dimanche 15 juillet 2007

New baby to nurse…

My sister in law gave me a new baby!

My new home?

She came with this small little one yesterday afternoon; I couldn’t resist!
Just look at this little girl; isn’t she lovely?

I'm tired after my trip!

She is so adorable and sweet and tiny!

Is she my new Mum?

Now I’m looking for a name… If you have some nice ideas; please share.

Baby kitten

Muchu is somewhat jealous!

"Who's that stranger?"

Elvire flew out of the nest ;o(

I love you ;o)

Two weeks ago Elvire flew out.
She was flying here and there in the garden when her real parents pushed her out of their territory.

I'm listening!

Happily, she already could eat alone and was flying quiet well!

Stretching is good...

Some of our neighbours saw her last week; she came nearby and wanted some friendship. She seems doing well.

Some more exercises...

I walked around with one of my nephew and screamed all the way long after her; but she never came.

I want to share the last pictures I took; she was so funny and friendly.

Looking farther...

Good luck, Elvire!

samedi 14 juillet 2007

Sunday with Mireille and a lot of fun …

Mireille came on last Sunday and we had a great day!
Chatting, laughing and of course embroidering….


Mireille making her first steps in stumpworking

We still work on our Passiflora Edulis, my student is more advanced in her work than me ;o) just have a look on her blog!

Mireille's passiflora My passiflora

This time we had begun stumpworking using wire to make a leaf for our passiflora.
You’ll find some pictures of the process.

First give a shape to your wire; using the pattern is a good think. Just be sure you give the shape a good size; here we’ll have to do it a litle bit biger to have enough material to give it a good shape when finished.

Wired leaf

After that, the first “row” on the wire is made by buttonhole stitch all around the leaf.

Wired leaf

The filling with buttonhole is taking a lot of time, but what a good result ;o)

Wired leaf

Wired leaf

Mireille came with a beautiful quilt made by here mother; just look at this!!!

Mireille's Mum's Easter quilt
The quilting is gorgeous… and the back is as nice as the front!

Mireille's Mum's Easter quilt - back

Back of the Easter quilt detail

Baby quilt and Faeries, continued…

While I wasn’t on my blog or on Flickr ; I was still working (not much; I must admit ;o) on the babyquilt.

The last faery came out very nicely and the top was done; I also begun the assembling and quilting.

I just forgot to embroider here mouth, oups!



Quality testing...

Is this good enough for Sir Muchu?

What good, mmmhhh...

Muchu our cat gave his approval after a good quality test!

A good nap on the babyquilt, what a good soft bedding


And here begins the real work!

More pictures on

mercredi 11 juillet 2007

Around the terrace.

Our terrace is south orientated and we are spending a lot of time on it!
And our pets too!

i'm so tired; I'll have a nap in the sun... Elvire

We have a nice big climbing rose ‘Albéric Barbier’ on the pergola together with a purple clematis and grapevines; perfume and color: all in one!

It is surrounded with other roses, ferns, Buxus and a lot of pots with all kind of flowers…

Among the roses we have:
R. Little White Pet spore from ‘Félicité et Perpétue’

R. Little white Pet R. Little white Pet

R. Madame Legras de Saint Germain (no good picture from this year;o(

R. Yellow Charles Austin

R. Yellow Charles Austin

R. Blush Noisette; probably my favorite (with a lot of others, hi hi… )

R.Blush Noisette

R.Blush Noisette

R. Tapis Volant

R. Tapis volant

R. Seagull is climbing on a pinetree and is now that high that we can almost see part of his flowers.

Vue from the terrace...

Just an enchanted garden; unfortunatly we had a lot of rain this year and roses doesn’t like it at all ;o(

We will have a lot of grapes this autumn; we never saw this! The Vine is contiuously making new flowers that are polinisated into grapes and again, and again…


A corner in my garden!

A corner in my garden
I’m trying to organize my garden ;o)
Growing perennials and plants that doesn’t ask too much attention as my garden is quiet big!

Bamboo Pleioblastus Shibuyanus ' Tsuboi '

Here I putted some Pleioblastus Shibuyanus ' Tsuboi ' in the background.
(or Bamboo Pleioblastus variegatus 'Tsuboi')
A beautiful variegated specie, with small white-striped leaves.
It is very vigorous and has a running root system and likes to be in a lower light and doesn’t tolerate hot sun.
A Cornus Kousa "Mon Amie Francine" was blooming as ever!

Cornus KousaCornus Kousa

Cornus Kousa

I also planted Alchemilla Mollis and Asperula Odorata with Geraniums and Hemerocallis.
Alchemilla Mollis & Asperula Odorata
Bamboo Pleioblastus Shibuyanus ' Tsuboi '
You'll find more pictures on my flickr account ;o)

After one month...

I wasn’t available for anything but my family and my job during one month!
We have had some “problems” with Nicolas’ health and mine isn’t very good aswell for the moment.
Nicolas suffers of 15% heart failure. He had ventricular fibrillation, high blood pressure and tachyarrhythmia up to 180 per minute and they had a lot of difficulties to have it coming down again; they also diagnosed a thyroid disease that could have helped this becoming. The doctors told him he has a heart that’s aged 50 and he’s only 21!!!

I’ll be glad to have 2 weeks at home from 20st of July.
I’ll use those days to go ahead with my hobbies and some WIP(ssss) ;o)

Nevertheless, I took some pictures during the period I was “absent” and now I’ll give you some news…