samedi 14 juillet 2007

Sunday with Mireille and a lot of fun …

Mireille came on last Sunday and we had a great day!
Chatting, laughing and of course embroidering….


Mireille making her first steps in stumpworking

We still work on our Passiflora Edulis, my student is more advanced in her work than me ;o) just have a look on her blog!

Mireille's passiflora My passiflora

This time we had begun stumpworking using wire to make a leaf for our passiflora.
You’ll find some pictures of the process.

First give a shape to your wire; using the pattern is a good think. Just be sure you give the shape a good size; here we’ll have to do it a litle bit biger to have enough material to give it a good shape when finished.

Wired leaf

After that, the first “row” on the wire is made by buttonhole stitch all around the leaf.

Wired leaf

The filling with buttonhole is taking a lot of time, but what a good result ;o)

Wired leaf

Wired leaf

Mireille came with a beautiful quilt made by here mother; just look at this!!!

Mireille's Mum's Easter quilt
The quilting is gorgeous… and the back is as nice as the front!

Mireille's Mum's Easter quilt - back

Back of the Easter quilt detail

3 commentaires:

Susan a dit…

What beautiful work. I've never seen that wire process, so enjoyed the pics. Mireille's quilt is wonderful. What a nice thing for her mom to make for her.

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 a dit…

How nice to see you both stitching together in your beautiful garden very happily! Mireille is so lucky to have you so close. Thank you for sharing nice photos.

BöskeZ a dit…

Hi Susan and Hideko,

Thanks for the kind words.
Yes, it's nice to meet and embroider together. Unfortunatly our other friends are overseas...