vendredi 23 février 2007

TAST - Fly stitch

I was ready with my sampler on Thuersday, but had a lot of family problems those last days...




I never saw orange and yellow snow before !

A few words about the threads I used:
Coton perlé DMC 90 (variegated) for the seam.
For the "ferns" I used randomly DMC 90, Anchor 1305, OT 021 and Caron's Watercolours n° 176.

The stars are done with the same perlé as the seam.
For the small star I also used some rayon thread (pale yellow).The more flashy colors (bright yellow and orange) are Chinese silk I received from Mireille. They are fantastic to use!

jeudi 15 février 2007

TAST - feather

This time I triedto use different colors that are unusual for me.
One of my challenges of this year was to use more colors and to have a try to those that I don’t like: brown and yellow or orange; probably because they don’t suite me.
This week’s colors are very strange to me; who could tell me that I’ll use some shades of copper and that I’ll like that?
I’m satisfied with this try and I’m more confident in using more colors.

For the seam I used OT 021’s small ribbon, the detached chain and knots are made with Caron’s Wildclowers n° 137.
The “fern” on the right side of the block was made using both Caron’s Wildclowers n° 137 and the machine thread from OT 021 in 2 strands.
The weeds on the left are made with the same threads, but with 1 strand.

mardi 13 février 2007

TAST - Cretan

For this last block I had to chose first my color, after that it went very quickly to find the theme and to finish te stitching.
I played taxi for my son yesterday and had time to stitch while waiting. The seam is stitched with DMC perlé n° 500 and the colonial knots with 2 strands OT 021.
the branches on the left are also made with the same OT.
All other shades of green are from DMC flower thread n° 2924,2768 and 2927.

TAST, Chevron and Algerian eye

I started to stitch the seam first. After I wanted to do a big square, but DMC thread in 2 strands was a bad idea so I cutted it off. sniff
I started again with Oliver Twists small ribbon 030 and it went well (I think! ;o)
For the seam I used from left to right, OT perlé 030, OT small ribbon 030, DMC flower thread n° 2316, and Caron's Wildflowers 165.

First row on top with the same Caron Wildflowers 165 couching a larger ribbon from OT 030.

Second row DMC flower thread n° 2316, and for the eyelets fine cotton OT 030.
The last row of Algerian eye is made with the finest machine cotton from OT 030.
The big Algerian eye is made with Caron's Wildflowers 165.
The result is very soft and the pictures can't give a right idea of the block. Sorry.

lundi 12 février 2007

TAST - herringbone

I love red and especially dark red, so inspiration came very quickly!B is for Böske, Elisabeth nicname in Hungarian.

The seam is stitched with a double herringbone stitch; using Anchor 42 perlé and Oliver Twist (OT) 02. Colonial knots are in DMC 346 perlé.
First row left is also a double herringbone; using a OT ribbon and Thread and woven with DMC 346 perlé.
On the left a single row in DMC 346 perlé.
The letter B is all done with OT 02 perlé.

dimanche 11 février 2007

Drawing inspiration

Originally uploaded by Suhani.
I asked Suhani permition to use some of her pictures as inspiration for my drawings. I just begun with this hand.

Hand drawing - "Old school"

My first steps in drawing a hand!

Wow, difficult!!! But I'm quiet satisfied with the result. A lot more is still to do...

Drawing, ... all the shadows and lights... and I still have no idea for the background.

I don't make a copy of the photo, but use it for my inspiration.

Thank you Suhani for this picture.

dimanche 4 février 2007

TAST second block - detaiched chain stitch

For this second block I haven't had to think a lot my color choice was directly made. I had to use those beautiful reds I received from Mireille.

the design came very quickly aswell.

TAST first block - Buttonhole stitch

This block is not yet finished as I have some more buttonhole to do around the Ginko leafs.

I'm quiet happy with the result.

I used DMC thread for the leafs and stems, just added some DMC perlé to give some more shape to the stems and covered them with one strand cotton.

The variegated thread used for the seam and the first rows of buttonhole is coming from Romania, and I completely forgot to keep the name ;o(

My nephew Quentin told me that the circles down right make he thinks to a lemon slice, so I added one more row in yellow perlé to finish the design.

samedi 3 février 2007

TAST first steps

I'm way behind with TAST, I'm only in my second stitch!
Already realized the "detaiched chain" and am now busy with the "buttonhole" stitch.
I had a problem deciding on what fabric and how I'll present this.
I decided to do something with my samplers and not only keep them in a box or a book.
So I'm doing a "TAST Book" and a "Quilt": in my book I'll keep all notes about the stitches, some pictures and drawings; the quilt will be made with all the blocks I'll this year. I'm using only two linen fabrics for this project. the binding will be made with the darker fabric.
I also decided to try unusual colors for me. This would be my third challenge this year.
First: TAST; second: writting a Blog and third...

Making the Book's first page was easy when I received a beautiful fabric from Allie! Here is the result...

New Blog

Hi, I'm in for a new adventure!
Creating a blog is for me a huge step, I have to say that I don't like to write and I'll be obliged to.
Never mind, it's one more challenge for this year.
I hope I'll be able to share interesting things with others.