mardi 13 février 2007

TAST, Chevron and Algerian eye

I started to stitch the seam first. After I wanted to do a big square, but DMC thread in 2 strands was a bad idea so I cutted it off. sniff
I started again with Oliver Twists small ribbon 030 and it went well (I think! ;o)
For the seam I used from left to right, OT perlé 030, OT small ribbon 030, DMC flower thread n° 2316, and Caron's Wildflowers 165.

First row on top with the same Caron Wildflowers 165 couching a larger ribbon from OT 030.

Second row DMC flower thread n° 2316, and for the eyelets fine cotton OT 030.
The last row of Algerian eye is made with the finest machine cotton from OT 030.
The big Algerian eye is made with Caron's Wildflowers 165.
The result is very soft and the pictures can't give a right idea of the block. Sorry.

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Susan a dit…

What a treat for the eyes. You have wonderful color sense, and your designs are so pretty. I love what you did with the square.