jeudi 15 février 2007

TAST - feather

This time I triedto use different colors that are unusual for me.
One of my challenges of this year was to use more colors and to have a try to those that I don’t like: brown and yellow or orange; probably because they don’t suite me.
This week’s colors are very strange to me; who could tell me that I’ll use some shades of copper and that I’ll like that?
I’m satisfied with this try and I’m more confident in using more colors.

For the seam I used OT 021’s small ribbon, the detached chain and knots are made with Caron’s Wildclowers n° 137.
The “fern” on the right side of the block was made using both Caron’s Wildclowers n° 137 and the machine thread from OT 021 in 2 strands.
The weeds on the left are made with the same threads, but with 1 strand.

5 commentaires:

Jo in NZ a dit…

I have been enjoying your posts to the Embroidered Motifs flickr group so I am pleased to find you have a blog.

BöskeZ a dit…

Thank you Jo!

BöskeZ a dit…

Please read Caron's Wildflowers!!!

hideko a dit…

I love the colour you have used this time. I think you can challenge and handle any colours.

Susan a dit…

More beautiful work! I love the feather stitch, and you've used it so effectively here! Thank you for explaining what threads you are using, too.