lundi 12 février 2007

TAST - herringbone

I love red and especially dark red, so inspiration came very quickly!B is for Böske, Elisabeth nicname in Hungarian.

The seam is stitched with a double herringbone stitch; using Anchor 42 perlé and Oliver Twist (OT) 02. Colonial knots are in DMC 346 perlé.
First row left is also a double herringbone; using a OT ribbon and Thread and woven with DMC 346 perlé.
On the left a single row in DMC 346 perlé.
The letter B is all done with OT 02 perlé.

3 commentaires:

Allison Ann Aller a dit…

How original of you to use this stitch to make a large letter like this!

hideko a dit…

I love your double herringbone stitches plus colonial knots. The dark red colour is very nice on the fabric.

Susan a dit…

Another stitch I like, and you seam is excellent. Love that B! Are you tired of my e-mails yet? =) I just have to see it all!