dimanche 11 février 2007

Hand drawing - "Old school"

My first steps in drawing a hand!

Wow, difficult!!! But I'm quiet satisfied with the result. A lot more is still to do...

Drawing, ... all the shadows and lights... and I still have no idea for the background.

I don't make a copy of the photo, but use it for my inspiration.

Thank you Suhani for this picture.

4 commentaires:

Allison Ann Aller a dit…

You are very talented.

Sew-in-Love a dit…

Fantastique! You're doing really well there! Drawing and painting is something I'd like to learn too, but with language studies, needlework, running a household, working and now music lessons as well, don't see myself beign able to get to it just yet!!=)

Elisabeth, Angleterre=)

BöskeZ a dit…

Thank you!
Life is busy, especially for women who are working outside, but I have a wonderful husband who helps me as much as he can.

Susan a dit…

Oh, wow! There it is! It's amazing. You are really talented. I'm really jealous. =)