mardi 13 février 2007

TAST - Cretan

For this last block I had to chose first my color, after that it went very quickly to find the theme and to finish te stitching.
I played taxi for my son yesterday and had time to stitch while waiting. The seam is stitched with DMC perlé n° 500 and the colonial knots with 2 strands OT 021.
the branches on the left are also made with the same OT.
All other shades of green are from DMC flower thread n° 2924,2768 and 2927.

2 commentaires:

Doreen G a dit…

I have just found your blog and I like what you have done so far.
I look forward to seeing your future samples

Susan a dit…

The cretan is my least favorite stitch, but I like the way you used it in that right side vine, and I love the hanging branch on the left. You are very creative.