mardi 29 mai 2007

Some more botanic…

Actinidia deliciosa or Kiwi
Flowers are still in buds but there are thousand of them on our kiwi. Last year was the first year we had really a kiwi harvest; I didn’t take the time to count them out but probably around 400 pieces.

Ginkgo Biloba in our garden, we bought it a few years ago and it was small and tiny! After a few years here it is…
If you want more info about this fossil tree just go to:

mercredi 23 mai 2007

A few more pictures from the garden!

I couldn't resist taking more pictures.....

Our rhododendron “Aglae” is fully blooming this year! A real enchantment for the eyes… “Aglae” isn’t its real name; Thierry decided it shall be its name and that’s all!
As the soil in our garden isn’t good for azaleas and rhododendrons; Thierry made a huge flower container on the side of the terrace for those heater’s type plants.
We have three big azaleas (two red and a purple one), “Aglae” and some ferns in it.

The only apple tree that still blooms is “Reinette de France”; it blooms always later than other species. Those reinette apples are just perfect for everything and they can last nearly all winter in the cellar.
“Belle de Boskop” has already little small apples on it; if we have some chance we’ll have a lot of apples this autumn! Yummy apple pies and juices in the future ;o)

We have several clematis in the garden; the one I’m showing here has my preference. The purple of the stamens on the pure white petals is a must, I think!

samedi 19 mai 2007

Second faery for the babyquilt

Second faery for the babyquilt
Originally uploaded by boskez.
I forgot to take a picture of the second faery; here it is.
The third one is already half done. I hope to finish it this week-end and begin the last one.
Baby girl is expected in two weeks; if I want to finish the quilt in time ...
I'll have to hury!

vendredi 18 mai 2007

Before the rain

After having nearly summer in April we have “April showers” now in May!
I tried to get some pictures taken before the rain; especially for the roses.
Roses don’t like rain at all…
You can see our pergola completely invaded by “R. Alberic Barbier” and with part of our grape vine. Alberic Barbier, bred by Barbier Frères & Compagnie, 1900, is a wonderful climbing rose; breaded fromR. wichuraiana X 'Shirley Hibbard' (A yellow Tea);

The grapes are already there; tiny grapes but already showing their fruits to be.
It is the first time that “Albéric” and the grapes are cohabiting like this.

Another beautiful rose we have is “R. Fantin Latour” its roses smell heavenly good!!!
His flowers are wonderful as well!
“R. Fantin Latour” is an old Centifolia rose.

R. Fantin Latour (close-up)

R. Rosalita is coming from Moschata Roses (Louis Lens 1997) and is wonderful; from light orange or peach buds fading into white blossoms.

R. Rosalita

Sorry for the light; I had to use the flash sometimes; but clouds were already there and they were very dark…
I hope that my flowers won’t be too much damaged.

Mum... I'm hungry!!!

First, I want say a big thanks to people who gave me help and information on how to feed and grow a small crow.
I phoned to a wildlife rehabilitator that wasn’t too far from here and they told me they are already with too many birds and no place enough to take care for more…
So I became the new mum of this “little bird”. Baby crow is growing quickly and asks for more and more food; he is also trying to spread his wings and to play with them…

Mum... I'm hungry!!!
I'm hungry!!!

lundi 14 mai 2007

Sunday walk in a nursery specialized in water plants and pond making.

Unfortunatly weather wasn’t that good. After one month sunny and warm days we have now come back to “normal” ;o( With rain, wind and not that much warm temperatures.

I took some pictures before the rain became to strong for my camera.

Lovely yellow iris (Iris Pseudocarus)growing with its roots in the water. It enlightens beautifully a darker corner of a pond.

These roses were the first ones on the bush; I think they are from “R. Iceberg”.

With their soft blushing colors they are so nice. With some beads made from water drops.

Unfurling feathers in Spring - You'll find another picture on my flickr pages ;o)

Cardamine des prés - Cardamine Pratensis

These tiny little flowers are just adorable. What you can't see on this picture is that some of them have pink or pale purple lines on their petals.

For those who like botanicals print; please just follow the link you’ll find here below!
It is fantastic!

Mother's Day flowers - Piros, fehér, zöld ;o)

My husband gave me a beautiful flower bouquet made by a friend of mine.

Valerie is taking flower arrangement lessons and she is setting up with Isabelle a “part-time flower shop”; that means that they are doing floral arrangements and garage sale with their flowers for big occasions such Mother’s Day, marriage, anniversary…
Their Website is well done with a lot of pictures of what they make.

Here is Valerie adding the final touch to my bouquet; she added a white calla to it.

Red, White and green are the colors of the Hungarian flag ;o)
Okay, I know that there is also some pink; but pink is just pale red, no?

samedi 12 mai 2007

Baggie from my SWAP sister Allie

I received this baggie from Allie a few days ago!
She asked me what I would like and I answered : Autumn colors.
And ... here it is!
Marvelous fabrics, a huge amount of threads and ribbons, lace, buttons and a beautiful card Allie made especially for me ;o)

Unfortunately the picture don't do justice to the colors.

thank you sooo much Allie.

HELP! We have a new baby at home!

Yesterday we were invaded by crows that were screaming loud.
Thierry looked a bit around to see what excited them like that and discovered a small crow with only a few feathers that are just growing.
He couldn’t fly at all and was very sway on his legs.

I was afraid the cat(s) would eat him with a great pleasure! The nest is way too high to put him back up there.

I phoned to the veterinary who told me the same. He was a bit in a hurry and just told me to give him cat’s food.

If somebody has an idea to help us rescue this "little" one I’ll be happy!

mercredi 9 mai 2007

7 Things Meme

Allie just tagged me for the “7 Things About Me meme”

What do you want to know about me?


  1. I met my husband 29 years ago and he his the perfect partner for me.

  2. I love boxes and collect painted eggs.

  3. You already knew that I was crazy about fabrics and threads; but I can hardly resist when I see a nice notebook or paper; fountain pen or other writing and drawing material.

  4. I lived in Indonesia during 6 years in my childhood and love Asia.

  5. I’m very proud of my “Hungarian blood” and love Hungary. I miss my family who still lives there; only my sister is living in Belgium. I lost my mother in 1993 and my father in 2000.

  6. I can talk relatively fluently in four languages: French, Dutch, English and Hungarian and still understand some Indonesian.

  7. I hate doing the household but love to cook; unfortunately I love to eat too ;o)

As I played with I’ll have to tag 7 more bloggers; and the winners are…:
Hideko; Emiko; Lin Moon ; Ati; Debbie; Leslie and Ingeborg

Just continue tagging if you find some fun in this game...

mardi 8 mai 2007

Spring in the garden

Japanese Aralia or Fatsia Japonica

This medium-sized shrub stays green all the year and it’s from the same family as the hedera (ivy).
Interesting flower clusters begin to appear in late autumn and stay throughout much of the winter.
As this winter was warm (we had nearly no frost); the flowers became fruits or berries.

View from the terrace

Forward you can see our weeping
Mulberry (Morus)

Behind you can see different types of Bamboo and a

Calligraphy ... how to draw some writing.

First steps

I allways loved to look at calligraphy; it's so elegant and beautiful.

My handwriting isn't nice at all ;o)

We leaved in Indonesia till I was 8 and I went to school in Dutch.
I learned to write with a Dutch nun: Zuster Nathalia. She was fantastic.
There I had to write straight; when we came back to Belgium the school teacher wanted me to write sloping. Since that time my writing is dancing in all directions. ;o)

I love to draw and to look at nice things so my ugly writing hurts me.

Catherine and I decided to learn calligraphy together.
We gave it our first try last week-end. We worked hard, with much laughing and chatter, just like schoolgirls ;o)

It was a lot of fun.

lundi 7 mai 2007

Late in everything...

I don't know how I can be late in everything for the moment???

In my posting on this blog
In reading my mail

I'll try very hard to be up-to-date in something ;o)

mercredi 2 mai 2007

Some more green! and white ;o)

In one week all trees were covered with leaves and flowers!
The most beautiful this week-end was my Viburnum Plicatum Shasta.

I especially love this picture, with the sun playing in the flowers

You’ll find some more information at: