vendredi 18 mai 2007

Before the rain

After having nearly summer in April we have “April showers” now in May!
I tried to get some pictures taken before the rain; especially for the roses.
Roses don’t like rain at all…
You can see our pergola completely invaded by “R. Alberic Barbier” and with part of our grape vine. Alberic Barbier, bred by Barbier Frères & Compagnie, 1900, is a wonderful climbing rose; breaded fromR. wichuraiana X 'Shirley Hibbard' (A yellow Tea);

The grapes are already there; tiny grapes but already showing their fruits to be.
It is the first time that “Albéric” and the grapes are cohabiting like this.

Another beautiful rose we have is “R. Fantin Latour” its roses smell heavenly good!!!
His flowers are wonderful as well!
“R. Fantin Latour” is an old Centifolia rose.

R. Fantin Latour (close-up)

R. Rosalita is coming from Moschata Roses (Louis Lens 1997) and is wonderful; from light orange or peach buds fading into white blossoms.

R. Rosalita

Sorry for the light; I had to use the flash sometimes; but clouds were already there and they were very dark…
I hope that my flowers won’t be too much damaged.

3 commentaires:

Allison Ann Aller a dit…

Beautiful garden!
Rain will blast our roses too...usually the worst to happen is bud blast and those rain-spots on the petals...but they recover in the sunshine again...
Thank you for the tour...
And your fairy for the baby quilt is adorable!

Ingeborg a dit…

Oh how beautiful your Fantin Latour roses are! I have Fantin Latour too!! What a coincidence :-) Your garden is stunning. I love your pergola!!

threadspider a dit…

What lovely pictures! Old roses are so amazing-I have Fantin Latour and Alberic Barbier too-it must be an embroider's thing! We also had summer in April and now the rain, but it's making everything so fresh.