lundi 14 mai 2007

Sunday walk in a nursery specialized in water plants and pond making.

Unfortunatly weather wasn’t that good. After one month sunny and warm days we have now come back to “normal” ;o( With rain, wind and not that much warm temperatures.

I took some pictures before the rain became to strong for my camera.

Lovely yellow iris (Iris Pseudocarus)growing with its roots in the water. It enlightens beautifully a darker corner of a pond.

These roses were the first ones on the bush; I think they are from “R. Iceberg”.

With their soft blushing colors they are so nice. With some beads made from water drops.

Unfurling feathers in Spring - You'll find another picture on my flickr pages ;o)

Cardamine des prés - Cardamine Pratensis

These tiny little flowers are just adorable. What you can't see on this picture is that some of them have pink or pale purple lines on their petals.

For those who like botanicals print; please just follow the link you’ll find here below!
It is fantastic!

4 commentaires:

Susan a dit…

Thank you for sharing your bouquet and your walk through the garden. These are fabulous pictures!

Ingeborg a dit…

Quel belle fleurs! I love the rose. It's so so white. Really beautiful!!


Debbie R. a dit…

Beautiful flowers! Happy to find your blog!

BöskeZ a dit…

Thank you to all of you!
Yes, I love flowers; they also are a good source of inspiration for my embroidery and drawing...