mercredi 23 mai 2007

A few more pictures from the garden!

I couldn't resist taking more pictures.....

Our rhododendron “Aglae” is fully blooming this year! A real enchantment for the eyes… “Aglae” isn’t its real name; Thierry decided it shall be its name and that’s all!
As the soil in our garden isn’t good for azaleas and rhododendrons; Thierry made a huge flower container on the side of the terrace for those heater’s type plants.
We have three big azaleas (two red and a purple one), “Aglae” and some ferns in it.

The only apple tree that still blooms is “Reinette de France”; it blooms always later than other species. Those reinette apples are just perfect for everything and they can last nearly all winter in the cellar.
“Belle de Boskop” has already little small apples on it; if we have some chance we’ll have a lot of apples this autumn! Yummy apple pies and juices in the future ;o)

We have several clematis in the garden; the one I’m showing here has my preference. The purple of the stamens on the pure white petals is a must, I think!

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Susan a dit…

Such beautiful flowers! I hope they comfort your heart. =)