mercredi 9 mai 2007

7 Things Meme

Allie just tagged me for the “7 Things About Me meme”

What do you want to know about me?


  1. I met my husband 29 years ago and he his the perfect partner for me.

  2. I love boxes and collect painted eggs.

  3. You already knew that I was crazy about fabrics and threads; but I can hardly resist when I see a nice notebook or paper; fountain pen or other writing and drawing material.

  4. I lived in Indonesia during 6 years in my childhood and love Asia.

  5. I’m very proud of my “Hungarian blood” and love Hungary. I miss my family who still lives there; only my sister is living in Belgium. I lost my mother in 1993 and my father in 2000.

  6. I can talk relatively fluently in four languages: French, Dutch, English and Hungarian and still understand some Indonesian.

  7. I hate doing the household but love to cook; unfortunately I love to eat too ;o)

As I played with I’ll have to tag 7 more bloggers; and the winners are…:
Hideko; Emiko; Lin Moon ; Ati; Debbie; Leslie and Ingeborg

Just continue tagging if you find some fun in this game...

3 commentaires:

Allison Ann Aller a dit…

What a wonderful picture of your husband! He looks like a wonderful man.
I so admire you multi-lingual Europeans. What a rich heritage you have...
Thanks for playing!

emiko a dit…

Hi Elisabeth, I just did my "7 things Meme" on my blog.
Here is my blog:

Ingeborg a dit…

Dear Elisabeth,

Thanks so much for tagging me! I am not sure if I can do this because I don't know that many people to tag as well. What should I do then?