dimanche 15 juillet 2007

Elvire flew out of the nest ;o(

I love you ;o)

Two weeks ago Elvire flew out.
She was flying here and there in the garden when her real parents pushed her out of their territory.

I'm listening!

Happily, she already could eat alone and was flying quiet well!

Stretching is good...

Some of our neighbours saw her last week; she came nearby and wanted some friendship. She seems doing well.

Some more exercises...

I walked around with one of my nephew and screamed all the way long after her; but she never came.

I want to share the last pictures I took; she was so funny and friendly.

Looking farther...

Good luck, Elvire!

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LovetoStitch99 a dit…

That little cat is so cute :-)
Pierrette =^..^=