vendredi 1 juin 2007

I forgot to upload the third fairy!

Here it is!
I had time to finish it while others were working in our friends’ garden.

I’m very frustrated to sit and just look others working. I love gardening but my fibromyalgia doesn’t like it at all!
If I try and work too much I’m bad for a few days; so I just play a little here and there with my flowers.
Before I was working in my garden more than Thierry; I was pruning the grape vine, the roses, everything that needed to; I cut the hedges and was the one who worked in the kitchen garden and the flowers’ beds; …

Never mind this way I have more time to embroider, draw or make some gifts for friends...

Little "Alana" is born; I have to hurry to finish the last fairy and make her quilt!

2 commentaires:

Susan a dit…

This fairy is just darling! As the others were. What a great quilt for this new little one. I can hardly wait to see the finished project!

BöskeZ a dit…

The last one will be finished tomorrow, I hope!
After that, to go faster, I'll will stitch the patches with my sewing machine... I never made it otherwise than by hand stitching; but this time if I want to have it ready when I'll see the new Mum.