lundi 30 avril 2007

New project on its way!

One of the secretaries at the office will have a baby end May.
I decided to do a special personal gift to the baby.
We know it’s a girl; and the mother loves so much faeries and butterflies that I decided to embroider some of the pieces with faeries.
All the patterns I’ll use are free on DMC Creative World in the folder named “Color Variations Free Charts".

I never made X stitch before TAST. I don’t really like it but for this project I thought it was the best

3 commentaires:

Ati. Norway. a dit…

Elisabeth, It looks great, the new mother will be pleased with such a personal gift!

Allison Ann Aller a dit…

Lucky baby...this is just precious.

Susan a dit…

How wonderful that idea is. This is a cute one. I hope you will show them all as you do them.

I hadn't been to that site. Thanks for sharing it.