dimanche 22 avril 2007

I was tagged for the Thinking Blogger Award

I was tagged by Hideko!

Now I have to choose
'5 Blogs That Make Me Think'.

All of my links are “favorites”; I don’t link to pages I don’t like ;o)
So it will be very difficult to make a choice.
Hideko’s blog has to be in the list but as she was already tagged I removed her blog from my winners. Sorry Hideko ;o)

And the winners are:

Allie’s blog is one of my BIG favorites. Her work is fantastic and she shares all her experiments with us; giving a lot of tips and tricks. I really love the way she is CQing. If you don’t know this blog you miss something!!!

I discovered Gunnel’s work with TAST and I’m waiting her posts to have more inspiration. Her work is full with colors and creativity.

Ingeborg’s creativity garden is a real delight; drop an eye!

I’m copying her own word; they talk better about her than I could!
“I'm a vintage girl with a life all jumbled and mixed together just like a cosy patchwork quilt… I love to create with fabric, paper, thread, paint and all sorts of things!”

Elizabeth created this new blog for SharonB’s Take a Stitch Tuesdays Challenge 2007. Her other blog is very interesting too! http://quietermoments.blogspot.com/

Here is more info about
Thinking Blogger Awards? Just follow the link.

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Allison Ann Aller a dit…

Thanks so much, Elizabeth, for this honor...and for the great links!