samedi 3 mars 2007

TAST - Cross stitch

Sharon made a good choice with this week's stitch!
As I never had a try to cross-stitch, I decided to go first the traditional way.

That means for me to do some redwork using cross-stitch. As I already made a B for Böske, I wanted to add a Z for my last name.

I found this nice "Z" in digital archive on the Net (dm chart 1) just have a look!!! It's a real treasury chest and you will find it here with a lot of other resources!

My letter isn’t well made, so sorry ;o(
I used DMC flower thread n°; and is easy to use.

I also added some flower branche and made the seam using the same thread.
The seam was made in an unformal way; I wanted to test the stitch.
As this was my first attempt to cross stitch, please be indulgent!

2 commentaires:

Allison Ann Aller a dit…

I think your letter came out great! Fun experimenting with the free-form stitch, too...

Susan a dit…

I like your Z! Is that waste canvas? I hear about it, but I've never seen it! How do you get it off?

That looks like wonderful thread.