lundi 1 mai 2017

creating a new pattern from an existing to small dress

whaaaouw !
A real challeng !
Creating a new pattern from an existing dress... Yes, it was 2 or 3 sizes smaller that what I am !
First, taking pictures to know how it was constructed.

Twice, drawing on paper, and optimizing the pattern to a possible size !

Third, Böbe came in the game to drape it on her body 😉

Redrawing it after trials...
Retracing on paper with new mesearuments...
Oh my GOD !!!

Trials after trials ... Böbe is not safe enough ! I have to put it on and try.
Trying after tryings ...
A dress is taking form.
No pictures taken :'(
So sad, never mind.

2 commentaires:

Brigitte Zólomy a dit…

Böbe is nice, but not really looking like Nagymama!

Brigitte Zólomy a dit…

Want to sea the result!!